When a concerned member of the public walked into a rescue center recently with an abandoned cat, the staff at the center couldn’t quite believe their eyes. As well as having a whole host of complicated medical conditions, the cat had the most unusual paw they had ever seen.

The staff had no idea a paw could be shaped like the one on this poor abandoned cat until they saw it with their own eyes. What on earth had happened to make the cat’s paw look the way it did? The staff were mystified.

They were also worried that a cat with such complicated medical issues and such an unusual paw would never find a forever home. They had no need to be worried, though, as you’ll see from the following heartwarming story …

Meet Lobstah the cat. He was brought into the shelter recently and staff couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing. His paw wasn’t so much a paw as it was a claw. The staff thought it resembled a lobster’s claw, and so they named this unusual little cat Lobstah.

The unusual shape of Lobstah’s paw was caused by a genetic defect that deformed his claw while the cat was developing in his mother’s womb. It is a very rare defect called ‘Ectodactryly’. It is also more commonly known as ‘split foot’.

Lobstah also had other medical conditions. A vet who examined him discovered the cat had been born with no sternum. This meant that his intestines were pushing up against his lungs, giving the poor little fellow breathing difficulties. Poor little Lobstah!