It’s not everyday that you find a confused little kitty underneath a car, but for this Reddit user – that is exactly what he was greeted by on his journey.


Underneath a truck near his workplace, Reddit user: JustAnotherGoodGuy heard adorable ‘meow’s and was shocked to find an adorable kitten.

He snapped a photo of the petrified baby to his wife asking her if he could bring it home, to which she replied: ‘who could say no to that face?’

When the couple took the kitten in, they took it to the vets who revealed to the that they’d be rehoming a 4-5 week old little girl who they have now named Axel.


They also found out that the kitten was all alone because the mother had ran off and left it – no other kittens were found.

Luckily for the little feline, she was welcomed by a whole new loving family since the couple already have a 19-year-old cat and a 2-year-old pooch.

The photos have received over 2 million views, so not only has this adorable kitten found a new family, she’s also become a viral sensation.

We’re so glad that Axel found a happy ending to her story!