T-Shirt was adopted when he was just 6 weeks old.

His dad fell in love with him when he was bought into his workplace by a colleague who’s cat had just given birth. She took the kittens into work to see if anyone was willing to adopt them.

The moment Rowan Jones set eyes on T-Shirt, he knew he had to take him home.

Rowan Jones

“I immediately fell in love with T-Shirt because he was absolutely insane,” Jones said. “You could see even at that young age that he had a lot of personality. I actually had work drinks on as it was the last day of the working year, so I had to take him to the pub with me. He had no problems mingling with the people at the bar.”

From the day he arrived at his new home, T-Shirt was adventurous. He was extremely social and loved nothing more than playing outside and meeting new people in his neighbourhood.

Occasionally he would stay away from a long period of time and his dad would find him hanging out with another family. But there was nothing to worry about as he wore a collar and always came back. That was until one day.

When T-Shirt was just 1-year-old, he wandered off and never came back.

“It was normal for him to disappear and return, or for us to go and find him,” Jones said. “He had a collar with our details, but when he went missing for good he wasn’t wearing his collar, unfortunately, because we were in the process of changing it. We looked for a very long time, but were never able to find him.”

Jones was heartbroken when T-Shirt never returned. He was worried that he might have been hit by a car or gotten hurt.

Rowan Jones

As time went on, Jones eventually got a new cat and just thought that T-Shirt had maybe found himself a new family to hang out with, and hoped he was happy.

However one day, a massive 11 years later, Jones got a phone call from a local vet telling him that T-Shirt had been found.

While no one is entirely sure where T-Shirt was for the first 7 years he was missing, for the past 4 years he had been living in one neighbourhood being cared for by everyone who lived there.

The neighbourhood was just a few blocks from where he originally went missing.

T-Shirt had been hit by a car, so one of the people who had been feeding him took him to the vets. It was here that his microchip was scanned and it was found out that he belonged to Jones.

“The vet was amazed at how healthy he was for a street cat, so he was clearly getting a lot of meals from a lot of people,” Jones said.

Jones could not believe that his beloved cat had been found. He was so relieved to find out the cat he had cared for was alive and well, and managed to find himself a form of family to care for him.

Rowan Jones

“I was absolutely blown away when I heard the news and was actually a bit nervous to meet him,” Jones said. “To finally get closure and find out he has been doing well is amazing.”

When Jones was reunited with T-Shirt he was told that he was not the only visitor that the poorly cat had had. Members of the neighbourhood visited him during his recovery.

Amazing proof of just how much T-Shirt was loved by so many.

The man who had taken T-Shirt to the vets had named him Keemo and had been keeping his eye-out for him for the last 2 years.

The pair had bonded over time and the man really wanted to continue caring for him. Jones could see how much the pair had bonded, and even though he was his cat first, he knew what he had to do.

Rowan Jones

“I did want T-Shirt back, but knowing what T-Shirt is like and the fact that this guy actually spent more time with T-Shirt than I did, I thought, he should keep him,” Jones said. “T-Shirt clearly likes living in the area and I made sure that I will be able to visit T-Shirt and check in on him.”

Jones and the kind man decided to split the cost of the cat’s vet’s bill and while T-Shirt didn’t get to go home with Jones, Jones still gets regular updates on how he is doing.

Even though he misses the cat terribly, he knows how much he is loved by the other man and how he is getting a life he truly deserves.