Meet Nutmeg – the tabby who could soon be crowned the oldest cat in the world.

Back in 1990, Nutmeg was a stray and was taken in by loving couple Liz and Ian Finlay when he befriended their very own pet cat Spice.

The couple took Nutmeg to their local Cats Protection when they first came across him, due to an abscess on his neck. They are now looking for the exact date of that treatment so they can verify his exact age.


Back in 1990, the vet who assessed Nutmeg told the Finlay’s that the cat was around 5-years-old and if this correct, Nutmeg would definitely be the oldest cat in the world.

However if this information cannot be found, Nutmeg was definitely identified as an adult cat, making him at least 2-years-old in 1990 – meaning he would be a minimum of 28-years-old now. That’s a whopping 129 in cat years.

Nutmeg’s beloved owners claim his long life is down to his love of a good British Sunday dinner, especially hot roast chicken and gravy.

“We celebrate his birthday in March every year so we know it was around March 1990 when we got him.”

“I sorted out the abscess on his neck and then we took him to the Cat Protection League to check him over. The vet there said he was an adult, around 5-years-old.

“We have loved him and taken care of him ever since. He only has three teeth left but he loves chicken so much he stands at the fridge door when he wants to be fed.”


“He comes and lies on your knee when it is time to go to bed. He is not our cat, we are his humans and he never lets us forget that. Maybe that is the secret to his long and happy life.”

Liz added: “He is spoilt rotten. He comes in every morning at 5am from his bed next door and we get up and feed him. Then he goes back to bed.

“We have no children so he is our baby. Even if we go away, we have people come in and look after him. He had a lovely brown coat when we got him and now he is going grey, but he is doing well for his age.”

Last year, Nutmeg underwent lifesaving treatment after suffering a stroke.

His condition was so bad that the vets thermometer could not pick up his extremely low temperature.

The Finlay’s were told to prepare for the worst and took him home, so he could be as comfortable as possible if he did pass away.

But this was just one of Nutmeg’s nine lives as he soon recovered and bounced back to be healthier than ever.


“He rules the house and he’s absolutely gorgeous” said Nutmeg’s humans.

The Guinness World Record Ltd need photos and documentation to verify a world record holder, so the Finlay’s are checking Cat Protection records and old photo collections.

The world’s current oldest cat, Scooter, celebrated his 30th birthday on March 26 in Texas, but he sadly died by the time Guinness confirmed his title on April 8th.