It isn’t hard to see why the internet is going crazy for this adorable Pekingese pup and his long luscious coat.

Wonton Soup, now known to many people as ‘Fabio of the dog world’, has racked up an impressive 35,000o followers on Instagram and it is all thanks to his incredibly fluffy coat and cheery little face.


When you next have a bad hair day it is probably going to seem that little bit more frustrating knowing that there is even a dog with better locks that you. In fact, just to make you feel slightly worse about yourself, we don’t think Wonton’s locks ever look out of place.

The one-year-old dog from Boston, who you will often find side by side with his younger brother Miso Soup, is snapped on a daily basis by his owner Max Gonzalez who makes it his mission in life to catch Wonton’s gleaming coat in all its glory.


This pampered pooch’s followers go crazy for the slow-mo videos of him running along with his long locks flowing behind him and regularly get around 50,000 views.

When owner Max first created the Instagram account, Wonton was just a puppy and he never anticipated how popular his new pet was going to become.

The doting owner keeps Wonton looking at his best by brushing him on a daily basis and often takes his beloved pet and Miso for walks in a customised stroller.


Unsurprisingly, this lovable dog’s Instagram has been inundated with comments from adoring fans since it began just over a  year ago.

However, there are also a lot of people around the world who are envious of this pups sleek hairdo – and who can blame them?

To get a full sense of how incredible Wonton’s coat really is, take a look at the adorable clip below of him in action.

Meet Wanton: The Dog With Better Hair Than You