Weighing in at an average of one hundred and fifty pounds, the Newfoundland is one of the biggest and most impressive working dogs in the world.

Originally bred in Canada to help fishermen with their dangerous jobs, these gigantic dogs are specialists in lifesaving thanks to their muscular build, unique swimming style, webbed feet and thick double coat.

Now a charity in England is utilizing the Newfoundland’s natural swimming and lifesaving abilities to teach children and young adults all about lifesaving techniques, and they’re also helping youngsters who can’t swim to find their own sets of webbed feet. This is their story…

The Newfoundland is truly a sight to behold. These titans of the dog world can weigh as much as one hundred and seventy six pounds. The biggest Newfoundland ever recorded weighed in at a staggering two hundred and sixty pounds. That is a LOT of dog!

Bred originally to help Canadian fishermen bring in their catches in the icy waters of the North Atlantic, the Newfoundland has a strong muscular build to help it cope with immense ocean currents when it’s in the water.

The Newfoundland has a thick, oily waterproof double coat that insulates the animal, meaning it can withstand sea temperatures that would kill an ordinary dog or, indeed, a man.