Meet Herman, the five-month-old kitten who was born with eyes so big that he looks like he is constantly scared.

His eyes are so large that he is unable to close them when he sleeps, so he quite literally appears frightened 24/7.

Herman lives with his loving owner Shirley in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen and despite his disproportioned eyes, he acts like any other pet.


Well, apart from the fact that this tiny fluff ball snores louder than his owner. At least that way she knows when he actually is having a snooze.

Shirley said: “The first time I met Herman, he was instantly jumping up on me and decided to sit on my shoulder purring. The choice was easy for me.”


As a kitten Herman struggled to put on weight and he had to be hand fed to ensure he received the necessary nutrition. Shirley believes this is why he is so comfortable with humans.

Other cats who have been born with large eyes, have later been diagnosed with spontaneous lens luxation.

This sees the lens detach from the rest of the eye for no known reason, meaning some pets suffering from the condition have to undergo surgery.

Hopefully, this will never become a reality for adorable Herman.


Despite his slightly out of the ordinary appearance, we can’t help but think this kitty is one of the cutest pets we have ever seen.

We can only hope that his permanent facial expression is in fact just down to genetics and not as a result of him actually being scared for the whole of his life.