Thuy Duong was ecstatic when she found out that her pet cat was expecting a litter of adorable kittens.

When Duong realised that the pregnant tortoiseshell kitty was about to give birth, she rushed to her side to make sure she had everything she needed however, when she got to the cat’s bed she realised that her fluffy companion was already doing the job.

Yes, it seemed that this cat dad was fully invested in his soon-to-be kitten litter…

Image Source: Facebook/Những Câu Nói Bất Hủ / Facebook/Những Câu Nói Bất Hủ

Image Source: Facebook/Thuy Duong Panda

In February 2017, Thuy Duong announced on Facebook that her beloved cat had given birth to a perfect litter of kittens in her Hanoi, Vietnam home. The pictures were the epitome of adorable!

Image Source: Facebook/Thuy Duong Panda

It was just one year ago that the Duong family adopted their adorable momma cat Tam The and before long, she started a noticeable friendship with a neighbouring ginger tabby cat called Yello. It wasn’t long before Duong discovered that her pet had fallen pregnant.