Every cat owner will know that they are the kings and queens of getting up to mischief.

If there is an unattended toilet roll within their reach to tear apart or a very unsanitary place for them to go to the toilet, they won’t think twice about making the biggest mess possible.

Luckily for these owners they caught their kitties in the act and took the opportunity to name and shame them for their naughty behaviour.

While they might make life a little more stressful on occasions, we can never stay mad at their adorable faces for too long, so it is about time cat owners get their own back on their fluff balls once and for all.

Here we have some truly hilarious examples of cat shaming in all its glory.

‘Gone Fishing’


As you can imagine, there weren’t any fish in the bowl after this kitty went for a dip.

An expensive snack

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.01.55

It is safe to say this owner would have shed a few tears after realising this cat had eaten their check.