As well as being the Internet’s number one place for angry people to let off steam, Twitter is also a constant source of hilarity. That’s certainly the case when it comes to humorous animal accounts. And one of the best Twitter accounts on the site is ‘Pets Being People’. It’s a hoot!

Pets Being People specializes in captioning pictures of animals caught in very human poses. Some of the images and captions this clever little account has put up recently are absolutely hilarious. No wonder it’s gained over eight thousand followers in just a couple of months.

Here, for your amusement, are sixteen rib-tickling images from the good people over at Pets Being People. We guarantee you’ll be laughing out loud when you see what these adorable little furballs have been getting up to…

Who knew dogs could DJ? Neil’s been pumping out some banging tunes on his decks for a few hours now, and he’s attracted quite the crowd! But careful, ladies! Don’t get too distracted by Neil’s wizardry on the turntables or you might just fall over.