Winnie was just a tiny little piglet when she met the person who would change the fate of her life.

When Lindsay Scroggie was just 16, her grandfather lent her a pig to play with and raise for the summer.

Lindsay Scroggie

“My grandpa’s been raising pigs for slaughter since my mom was a kid,” Lindsay explained. “[When I was] growing up he’d usually give me and my brother a pig or two to play with for the summer and then they’d go back in the fall for obvious reasons.”

So off Lindsay went to her grandfather’s barn to pick out a pig. She explained: “I sat on the gate while I pointed to which pig I wanted and home it came.”

“Lindsay insisted that she jump in with them to make sure that Winnie was OK,” Carrie MacInnis, the owner of the sanctuary explained. “Lindsay is a very special soul. She so deserves recognition for her choice to save Winnie.”

“Winnie ended up here, at about 8 months old and about 400 pounds,” MacInnis added, remembering how, on Winnie’s first night at the sanctuary, she and her kids cuddled with Winnie to comfort her. “She’s now almost 4, and weighs almost 900 pounds.”

Ever since that day, Winnie has lived out her life at the sanctuary. She loves lying in the sun and going on walks.

Three years later, Winnie got a surprise visitor.

Lindsay Scroggie

Lindsay was touring colleges in the area when she got in touch with Carrie to see if she could arrange a visit to see her pig.

When Lindsay arrived she hopped in Winnie’s pen and immediately came over to see her long-lost friend.”She nearly knocked me over! With one call Winnie perked up her ears,” Lindsay said. “She definitely remembered.”

It turns out Lindsay’s love and affection had had a lasting effect on Winnie. The pair definitely have a friendship that will last a lifetime!