Imgur user, FloofyMcFluffins has shared the story of one of the most epic wildlife battles ever captured on camera – a 10ft python vs a crocodile.

The battle between the two wild heavyweights was a lengthy one – all captured by the eyewitnesses’ camera.

Who do you think will win?

Lying In Wait

The 10-ft python was lying in the long grasses and shallow waters of Lake Moondarra in Australia. This is the perfect spot for prey as many animals and their young come to feed and drink at the lake – the younger animals pay less attention to their surroundings than the more experienced animals. Before picking a target, the lengthy snake spent some time sussing out the waters.

Spotted The Prey

After a short while, the snake slithered up behind a juvenile saltwater crocodile. In a bid to avoid the crocs powerful jaws, the snake approached from the rear. The python, known for it’s constricting tendencies, wrapped it’s self around the unsuspecting croc and held it in a death grip – sparking a life or death battle. The onlookers claim the battle went on for an impressive 5 hours, with neither animal showing signs of defeat.

The snake tried to squeeze the life out of the crocodile, but the crocodile fought to keep his head above the water.