Lek Chailert has dedicated her life to saving and fighting for the rights of elephants and other endangered animals.

Chailert hails from a tribal village in Thailand and created the country’s Elephant Nature Park as well as being the founder of the Save Elephant Foundation.

She has received a whole host of awards for her work, including being on the of Women Heroes of Global Conservation in 2010 – but despite her vast experience in the field,  nothing could prepare her for the latest orphaned elephant she met.

An animal rescuer had informed Chailert about an elephant in the north of the country. Chailert told the story on Facebook. “For the last couple of weeks, I had heard of a wild baby elephant orphanage,” Chailert wrote. “And it brought me to the point of visiting them at Winga Baw camp.” After her visit Chailert knew the orphanage needed a lot more help than first thought.