There’s a Boxer dog in Budapest, Hungary who might just be the funniest Boxer dog in the whole wide world! Every time she goes out for a walk with her owner, she pulls the funniest faces.

This life-loving Boxer is a real homebody when she’s at home, loving nothing more than stretching out and lounging around on her owner’s couch at the home they share in Hungary. Her owner even describes her as ‘lazy’!

However, get her outside into the fresh country air of the lush Hungarian countryside and a completely different side of her appears. This is one dog who absolutely loves life … and the faces she pulls when she’s out and about are absolutely hilarious. Check it out!

Meet Strawberry. Strawberry is a six-year-old Boxer dog who lives with her owner, Tamás Szarka in Budapest. Every time she’s taken out for a walk she pulls a series of hilarious faces … and Tamás can’t get enough of it!

Tamás loved the faces his dog pulled when she was taken out for a walk that he decided to take up photography to capture her expressions forever. The results have taken the Internet by storm.

“She’s always pulled funny faces and over time I decided I wanted to capture the precious moments with her which is why I started to learn photography,” Tamás explained. Tamás bought himself a camera and learned how to use it by constantly taking pictures of his adorable little dog every time they went out for a walk. In no time at all, he was taking some truly wonderful photos.