In the middle of a woods in Tennessee, Mitchel Craddock and his friends were celebrating his bachelor party when a stray dog decided to join in.

The dog appeared at the front door and had clearly been tempted by the delicious smell of bacon.


“We were cooking bacon with the door open. The next thing you know, there’s this dog sitting right at the front door. She wouldn’t come inside, but she sat right there,” Craddock said.

After a few days it was clear the dog wasn’t going anywhere, she was determined.

Craddock said: “We’d ride for 4-5 hours, or go into town, and every time we’d come back she would either be sitting on our doorstep or under one of our trucks.”

“We figured she is such a sweet dog she’s got to have a home, so she will eventually go somewhere,” Craddock said.

“She was very dehydrated, hungry. I mean everything we gave her and out in front of her she gobbled up as fast as she could,” said Craddock.

Eventually the men could see that the female dog was malnourished and looked like she had just given birth.

The dog, who they named Annie, seemed to want to tell the men something so they decided to follow her into the woods and couldn’t quite believe what she led them to.