Lonely, desperate and bored – this is the heartbreaking story of Tomi the brown bear who calls a tiny cage his home.

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Tomi is reliant on the generosity of passers by for his daily diet of junk food – however the people that pass by him are crowds of tourists who have all flocked to see the bear in his ‘home’ – a cage positioned next to a run-down restaurant in the beautiful mountains of Tirana, Albania.

Visitors stop by to take selfies with the abused animal and feed him crisps, cake and sweets. All his owner does for him is take him water to quench his thirst.

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Due to the condition Tomi has been forced to live in he suffers from major mood swings.

When Tomi can smell food, he offers out his paws, cups them in a begging motion hoping to catch the gaze of a passing customer.

Other times the distressed animal puts his jaw through the iron bars, sticks out his tongue in a bid for someone to feed him.

Living in isolation causes Tomi to pace intensely around his cage and forces him to go into a self-harming spasm – biting his limbs whilst shaking dangerously.

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