Owning a pet is not only a great source of entertainment and a wonderful way to give and receive love but it’s also an alternative version of therapy. Owning a beautiful dog or an adorable cat gives many a purpose in life and a calming sense of serenity.

Here is a story of a brave young woman who found peace in the company of her two huskies, named Ellie and Atlas.

Read about the trio and their fabulous adventures, here.

1. Melanie

Melanie is a woman who suffers tremendously with clinical major depressive disorder and clinical anxiety. She was experiencing sever social anxiety and panic attacks regularly… until she met her two Huskies, Ellie and Atlas.

2. Melanie’s Life

She reveals that many a morning, she woke up feeling tired with an aching body and a clouded mind. But since adopting Ellie and Atlas, she has a beautiful purpose in life – to love and take care of them.

3. Ellie

Melanie says that she adopted Ellie when she was 13 weeks old. She was given the extraordinary ability to take care of her because her previous owner was incapable of doing so.