Crazy cat ladies can now rejoice – someone has invented wine for cats, meaning felines lovers will never have to drink alone again.

Apollo Peak, from Denver, Colorado have created cat wine – ‘a non-alcoholic catnip based feline snack’, that comes in two varieties – Pinot Meow and MosCATo.

What started as a joke between friends has now turned into a very serious and successful business venture for the founder of Apollo Peark, Brandon Zavala.


The cat lover explained : “I originally thought of the idea as a joke with some friends and I just slapped a label of this “Pinot Meow” onto a wine bottle and from that got the idea to actually start something for cats,”

“I’d heard something about it before, but cat wine wasn’t available in the US or in fact anywhere at that stage.”

The wine is made using three ingredients – beets, water and natural catnip – which are all sourced by local farmers in Colorado.

Since being launched last November, the business has grown from strength to strength and is now sold across the world via an online store.

“I started putting a brew together on my own and it took about six months to get it to keep its colour, consistency and look like a wine,” Brandon said.


“I worked in pet foods before this and I always understood the pet market and it just seemed the right time to launch a cat wine.”

“We began selling it locally in Denver and then lately its blown up.”

Up to now, the hard stuff has only been available for felines, however dog lovers should not despair as pooches will be able to get their paws on their very own wine soon enough.

Two new products are currently in the pipeline and Brandon said if the reaction of cat owners was anything to go by, Apollo Peak would soon be a household name for dog lovers too.

‘The response with the cat wine has been awesome – we got a little bit of word out about it and its been crazy ever since,” he said.