Somedays, it’s an utter nightmare to get your hair done – unless you’re a celebrity, in which case, you can wake up looking like death warmed up and transform into a beauty in under 60 minutes. Ahhh, the envy of the star lifestyle.

But for the average-Joe, one does not simply, “wake up like this”. In fact, getting that hair flip just right or keeping your curls all day long is a process that many have yet to perfect.

These animals however – they know exactly what’s up. They were born to look absolutely fabulous. See their bad selves with hair on fleek, here.

1. Yo Dawgs

This dog has been rocking mohawks since before they were cool. Why? Because he’s totally an OG. Look how rad he looks?

2. Pigtail Plaits

Looking as innocent as ever, this pooch rocks the schoolgirl look with two pigtail plaits. Doesn’t she look absolutely fetching?

3. Straight Vibes

After getting a Brazilian blowout, this young thing is ready to hit all the night clubs in town. It’s hair is totally the envy of all of it’s friends.