When hunters brought four tiny baby beavers in from the woods to Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre they were in a critical condition.

Malnourished, weak, cold – these poor babies had been left to dieafter their mother got caught in a trap in the Fort Qu’Appelle woods.

The kits were just two days old when they were brought into the Regina, Saskatchewan, rehabilitation centre with their umbilical cords still attached.

beav 1

The managing director told Buzzfeed Canada about what they did to save the baby beavers’ lives:

‘We placed them in an incubator right away to raise their body temperature and then administered electrolyte fluids for rehydration’

We’re glad to say that the quick thinking of the team at Salthaven ensured the survival of the four kits and now they’re in amazing shape.

beav 2

They’re acting like regular baby beavers: socialising and wrestling with each other – they’ve even now been introduced to the water through supervised swims because this is the time when they’d swim with their parents.

The team at Salthaven will keep the beavers until they are two years old, which is when they would usually find their own territory and more importantly, find a mate.

beav 3

Since beavers mate for life – we can bet that these little beauties will be seen in the wild with beautiful families of their own someday.