We live in a world where diversity is sometimes not appreciated, even though it is an amazingly beautiful thing. That is why, when species – humans or non-humans embrace each other – despite their differences – it is something that should be noted and appreciated.

This pig and pit bull live happily under one roof. But as of late, a new addition has been added to the family – and these two welcomed their new adopted sibling with open arms.

Read the wonderful story of Red and his new home, here.

1. Bo And Peaches

Pictured, is a beautiful pit bull named Bo and his friend, Peaches the pig. They are two loving pets who live with their owners, Tori Trovato and her boyfriend, Michael. Tori and Michael were not looking to adopt a third pet, but when they met Red – their hearts instantly melted.

2. Bo, Peaches, And Red

Tori met Red in a rather terrible accident. She was driving early one morning when Red dashed in front of her car. Tori was extremely thankful that she did not hit Red but was severely concerned for his wellbeing.

3. Finding Red

“I turned around and went back a few blocks to see if I could find him and help him get back home,” Tori said. “I eventually found him and called him over. He jumped right into my passenger seat.”