From the word go, it was obvious this couple were never going to get pregnant however, that didn’t stop them from getting the next best thing – a puppy.

Dorien Bryant and Patrick Craves – an adorable Philadelphia-based couple – filled their baby void by buying an adorable Australian Shepherd named Asher.

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Rather than opting for an egg donor to make their dream of becoming parents come true, Dorien and Patrick decided to adopt Asher instead.

Not only is she cuddlier than your average newborn, she is a lot less high maintenance too. No 3am bottle feeds for this young fluff ball.

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Dorien, an ex-Purdue football player who’s NFL career abruptly ended after an injury, only recently came out as gay and is now happily in love with his partner Patrick Craves.

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Luckily, the pair found Asher shortly after moving in together and now they say their little family unit is complete.

While Asher is quickly learning how to cause mischief and chew up anything in sight, there is no denying that this trio are all set to live happily ever after now.