This story will leave you with a sense of strength, hope and inspiration. It’s a story that shows the true power, individuality, and positivity that every single person has inside of them.

And who is the star of the story? A charming pup called Sassy who lives with dwarfism. But does that ever stand in her way? Absolutely not.

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1. Sassy

This is Sassy. A dog with a huge and tremendous smile on her face while posing for the camera. Why is she smiling so beautifully? Because she is strong and positively fearless.

2. Third Time Is Not A Charm

You see, Sassy was said to be very ill. So ill in fact, that the vet told her owner, Ernie Altamirano, that she would not live past her third birthday.

3. Totally Fine

“Three years old was pretty much the expectancy that everyone gave us,” Altamirano said. “I’ve heard it so many times. So she turned 4, and she’s totally fine.”