It’s no wonder why Golden Retrievers are one of the most loved dog breeds by families around the world, and now there’s proof that they’re pretty smart as well.

When you think of a four-month-old Golden Retriever, you might think of an adorable puppy running around happily, playing fetch and being mischievous.

But Brady is here to show you that he’s quite the clever canine.

Some dogs might hate being bathed, but Brady here loves to be clean, and clean himself all on his own. Rather than get his cute little paws dirty, Brady can be found in the bathroom, cleaning himself completely unaided.

BradytheGoldenPup recently posted this video on his Youtube channel, and over 1 million people have witnessed Brady’s astounding nightly routine.

The video shows Brady climbing into the bath tub, turning it on and playing in the water. Brady even gives the soap a quick lick, but we’re sure his family will show him how to use this properly in the future so he can get even more squeaky clean.

He really enjoys his bath time, until he decides he’s clean enough and hops out of the bath tub to grab a towel.

Once he’s spotted a lovely pink towel that will dry him perfectly, Brady grabs it and cleverly swirls around to let the towel fall on his back – all without any assistance.

Once Brady is happy with his towel-drying skills, he runs over to his bed – picking up his favourite toy on the way – and settles down for a quick nap. All that washing must really tire him out.

According to his owner, Brady impressively does this routine at least once a day.

We think that Brady’s family need to keep an eye for him helping himself to a shower when they’re not around, as they might come home to a very wet bathroom.

Brady loves the water so much that he even surprises his family members and house guests by jumping into the shower unexpectedly at their home in Los Angeles. Maybe it’s time Brady gets his own bathroom?

Check out Brady’s Youtube channel or Instagram for more.