It’s fair to assume that many people don’t give animals enough credit for the wonderful that things they do. Besides being loyal companions, a friendly face at the end of the work day, and providing a special kind of therapy, they’re also capable of much bigger things.

This cat is a testament thereof. He may be small in stature and adorably cute, but he’s also a super brave little kitty that’s helping to change the life of a man with a burning desire to travel the world by boat.

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1. Strauss von Skattebol

Strauss von Skattebol aka Skatty, is quite possibly the world’s best sailor – and he’s a cat! A cat with a mission, that is. He is going to assist Paul Thompson, a deaf gentleman, on an adventure of a lifetime.

2. Paul’s Ears

You’re probably wondering how Skatty fits into the equation – and rightly so. Admittedly, it is quite odd. But Skatty will act as Paul’s ears while he’s on a quest to see the world.

3. Of His Own Accord

Paul says: “I am totally deaf, and Skatty is my ears. Without any training, he has twigged that I don’t hear and of his own accord he lets me know if a boat comes alongside, people are at my door (when ashore) and when my phone receives text messages.”