The cool things about being alive is that there is always the ability to change and grow. Perhaps you absolutely hated broccoli growing up but now, you really love them. Or maybe you weren’t very fond of cooking in your 20s, but in your 30’s – it’s one of your favourite hobbies.

This story is is all about the cool ways in which people change and grow. It also shows just how much a pet can change your life for the better – even in your career.

Read the story about a rapper who gets his inspiration from his kitty friends, here.

1. Cats? Nah

This rapper, namely¬†Dwayne Molock, was never a fan of animals, especially cats. But after meeting one very special feline, his life completely turned upside down and now – he can’t live without them.

2. Molock, Maryland

Molock is a rapper from Maryland, where he goes under the stage name of Moshow aka the Cat Rapper. He himself is completely surprised at the fact that he’s grown so attached to fury friends, as he was never passionate about animals growing up.¬†“I wasn’t used to animals, period,” he said.

3. Queenie

But it was one little kitty named Queenie that completely changed his life. He had befriended a girl in his college class who owned a beautiful black panther kitty and while studying, this kitty would stare at him for hours.