Taking photos of your food is the the latest Instagram trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re ready to spend a pretty penny on delicious dishes at different restaurants, then be ready to have a pumping social media account because you’ll be the envy of any foodie’s eye.

And what’s cuter than a human with a thriving Instagram account? A pet dog. Better yet, an adorable rescue dog by the name of Popeye from Los Angeles. This pup is the foodie taking over the Internet and his pictures will melt your heart.

See Popeye enjoying all kinds of cool cuisines while looking handsome as ever – but don’t worry, Popeye has a healthy diet in real life and doesn’t indulge in all of the deliciously naughty foods shown in these photos.

1. Sailor

What’s on the menu today, Popeye wonders. With his sailor hat on, he looks completely dashing, ready for a delicious meal.

2. Interesting…

Popeye takes a little peek at the meal that has been set down before him. He looks a bit uncertain as to whether he will like it or not but still looks cute as ever.

3. Burger Day

Popeye’s favourite day of the week is the day that burgers and onion rings are served. Today, this little chap is as happy as can be.