It might not be the most common choice of pet to keep, but this woman says that rescuing an orphaned crow is the best thing she has ever done.

When Vikkie Kenward took the abandoned bird under her wing she never expected it to stick around for long however, before she knew it the feathery youngster became extremely attached to her new mom.



Vikkie, 29, found the baby crow lying by a roadside after falling out of its nest.

She named him Fagin (after the gang leader in Oliver Twist) and hand-reared him, feeding him every fifteen minutes until he was grown up.



Initially, she expected the bird to fly away once it was old enough, but three months on and Fagin shows no sign of leaving any time soon.

It seems as though he now sees Vikkie as an adoptive mother and never leaves her side.

They do everything together; shopping, watching TV, eating and Vikkie also claims Fagin answers to his name and even tries to squawk ‘hello’.



The animal lover, who lives in Horsham, West Sussex said: “Fagin comes absolutely everywhere with me.

“We are regular visitors at my local Pets at Home – he sits on my shoulder and they all know who we are.



“He also comes when I call him like a bird of prey and is trying to say hello at the moment like a parrot.”

Her new-found feathery friend spends most of his time perching on Vikkie’s shoulder and likes to pester the household’s other pet, a lovable dog.



Luckily for Fagin, the pet pooch is unfazed by this harassment and take it in his stride.

It might be an unlikely friendship, but that’s what makes this story all the more adorable. We hope Fagin stays by Vikkie’s side for many years to come.