When you extend your social circle and meet those from different countries, cultures and subcultures, you’re essentially opening up your mind and allowing your heart to grow. You gain sympathy, compassion, and love for all types people in the world. This is an incredibly beautiful things not only for humans, but also for animals.

And this sanctuary owner is absolutely in love with the idea of diversity. In fact, on her farm she has many different kinds of animals be it big, small, young, and old. She has sheep, pigs, goats, chickens  – you name it. But the one animal she had yet to adopt, was a cat… until now.

In this truly amazing story, read about how Pam Ahern adopted her first little rescue kitty – and how this kitty came to love all the animals on the farm.

1. Pam Ahern

Pam Ahern runs an animal sanctuary in Victoria, Australia. This sanctuary is full of wonderful animals who are all adored and loved. But there was just one tiny animal missing from this loving farm… a kitten.

2. The Call

Pam received a call that informed her that a kitty had been trapped inside a chimney at a local bakery and needed desperate care and love. Pam immediately said that she would welcome this little kitty with open arms.

3. Jessica

The woman who called Pam referred to herself as Jessica. She said that this kitten had been crying for hours yet everyone surrounding the area simply ignored the cries for help.