Does anyone believe that our pets have separate lives when we aren’t looking? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, they too have some work to go to, have breakfast with their families and party hard on a Friday night? Well if this video is anything to go by, they just might do, party too hard, that is.

Having a bit too much fun the night before definitely takes a toll on a person the following morning. It seems that you have drained all of your lifesource and suddenly you are left with just the bare minimum energy to get you through the day. You are easily irritable and you are sensitive to the environment around you, but it will all pass with just a bit of sleep, at least that’s what you keep telling yourself. Power naps are amazing, but they would be much better if you could continue sleeping after them. This cute pupper is the greatest example of this phenomenon.

The doggo in question was taken out for a walk early in the morning, but unbeknownst to his owner, it was a little too early for him. He was having too much fun the night before and he would have appreciated if someone pushed the snooze button for him. Dogs definitely need their long hours of beauty sleep, so the pupper in question decided to do just that. He took matters into his own hands and collapsed on the ground during his morning walk. The owner had too much fun filming the video of his dog sleeping, but luckily he managed to wake him up long enough to get him home. What a cuteness overload!