With everything that going on in the world, a lot of it being negative, there is some good news amongst it all.

Two gay griffon vultures have recently nested an abandoned baby vulture egg. They have both now become very proud fathers to a little chick.

At Natura Artis Magistra Zoo in Amsterdam, staff members discovered an egg laying on the floor of the vulture aviary. It had most likely fallen out of a nest.

image source: ARTIS

After attempting to get other birds to adopt it, they placed the egg into an incubator. It was working perfectly well, but they came up with another idea of how to ensure the survival of the growing vulture chick.

Creating a new family unit within the zoo, the staff gave the egg to the same-sex vulture couple.

The two birds took to the egg straight away and began their parenting duties immediately, alternating who sat on the egg to keep it warm.

image source: ARTIS

Soon enough, a baby vulture hatched from the egg.

The two dads are now caring for their chick together. Regurgitating food for the new addition to the family and keeping it safe, the pair have taken to parenthood with ease.

Job van Tol, a keeper at Natura Artis Magistra Zoo said that the two fathers are “a very tight couple”.

Talking to the BBC, he said: “We have had them for some years. They always build a nest together, bond and mate together.”

image source: ARTIS

The parents are said to be very protective of their chick, who is now nearly a month old.

Vultures are known for their parenting skills and were even respected by Ancient Egyptians for their parenting.

It’s not uncommon for vultures, along with many other animals, to enter same-sex relationships. Aside from laying an egg themselves, the couple were and are capable of all the other steps of raising a chick and they seem to be doing a pretty good job.