Baby animals are the best thing to Google when we need cheering up.

Puppies and kittens lead the way for being the most adorable animals, but what about little sharks like this one?

Bamboo sharks have been roaming around in commercial aquariums for years.

You can even purchase them as eggs and watch them hatch, but they do require assistance.

Here is the owner of a baby bamboo shark trying his best to help it escape from its egg.

The suspense is unbearable as he cuts the egg, but thankfully the baby is safe and sound.

You expect a very small baby to pop out of the egg, but it turns out to be a rather big one instead.

The longest bamboo shark can grow up to 48 inches when it reaches adulthood.

Even though they are part of the shark family they only feed off invertebrates and smaller fish. They are way too cute for the Jaws theme to be playing.

bamboo shark

Back in February this year, a female bamboo shark at Sea Life, Great Yarmouth, shocked the world by having a virgin pregnancy.

It confirmed that bamboo sharks can have asexual reproduction, but it was only discovered in 2008 that some species of shark can do this.

Seriously though, bamboo sharks should totally become the next animal trend, who doesn’t want a mean predator roaming around the fish tank?