Coming home from vacation to find an intruder in your home is everyone’s worst nightmare.

However, it turns out some intruders are much cuter than others.

Two women in Australia returned home from a trip this week to find their home had been taken over by a fluffy houseguest – an adorable koala who had decided to move in whilst they were away.


By the time Michele Goodman and her partner Viki Haines got home, the unexpected marsupial was already settled in, looking pretty happy with his new home.

He had even found his favourite spot; the sofa right in front of the heater.

“We walked in and saw this lovely, beautiful, fluffy koala sitting in the lounge. It looked exactly like he was watching TV,” Michele told┬áradio station KOFM. “He was facing the TV, sitting in front of the heater.”


But Michele and Viki arriving home did not spook the Koala – the squatter did not budge – he continued sitting in his favourite new spot, completely happy in his new home.

Luckily, the couple were happy to see the koala and knew the region had been chilly and rainy recently, so the fluffy friend was probably just looking for a place to keep warm.

They gave him plenty space, but made sure to get a far away selfie with their new lodger.


Of course a sofa in someone’s house┬áreally is no home for a Koala, so the ladies decided the little guy had to leave and called rescuers from Hunter Koala Preservation Society, who picked him up an hour later.

A very happy ending to a very memorable stay!