It’s not unusual for pet owners to splash the cash when it comes to their beloved furry friends. After all, owners regard their pets as a part of their families, and want to treat them accordingly.

Some owners, however, go a little overboard when it comes to pampering their pets. Where most of us would buy our cats and dogs a bag of treats or a new toy every now and again, some owners spend hundreds, sometimes even thousands on their animals.

This is the story of one such owner who’s taken pampering to a whole new level this Christmas. Meet Katy Harris and her three Boston terriers. This festive season, these cute little pups will want for literally nothing …

Katy’s no stranger to splashing out hundreds of pounds every month on her three adorable little terriers, Sooty, Noodle and Beau. These little tearaways want for nothing thanks to Katy’s endless generosity.