It’s not unusual for pet owners to splash the cash when it comes to their beloved furry friends. After all, owners regard their pets as a part of their families, and want to treat them accordingly.

Some owners, however, go a little overboard when it comes to pampering their pets. Where most of us would buy our cats and dogs a bag of treats or a new toy every now and again, some owners spend hundreds, sometimes even thousands on their animals.

This is the story of one such owner who’s taken pampering to a whole new level this Christmas. Meet Katy Harris and her three Boston terriers. This festive season, these cute little pups will want for literally nothing …

Katy’s no stranger to splashing out hundreds of pounds every month on her three adorable little terriers, Sooty, Noodle and Beau. These little tearaways want for nothing thanks to Katy’s endless generosity.

As Christmas rapidly approaches, Katy’s been ramping up the spending. “I love to spoil them all year round,” she says, “and even more so at Christmas – they deserve it!” Katy, 45, freely admits that she spends more on Beau, Noodle and Sooty than she does on her sixty-year-old husband Mark. Bad luck, Mark!

“I buy a lot of things for them throughout the year – I’m always thinking about what they might like,” says Katy. “You often don’t realize how much you’ve bought over the year, and it does quickly add up.” This year, Katy estimates that she’s spent at least £3,500 on her beloved little dogs.